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Divorce Can Work

How it has been

Separation and divorce are, more often than not, painful and weary “battles.” Couples so often complete their marriage together wounded, hurt, angry, wary, embittered, and defensive. It's so easy to be swept up in the win/lose style of accusations and recriminations that often accompanies a difficult legal process. And then from this very wounded place we enter a future we share as parents!

How it can be

The VFI "Divorce Works" program proposes an alternative battle, a battle worth fighting - a battle for your whole family’s well being and relatedness; a fight for a redesigned future for all that is open, clear, and healthy, beginning
on a strong foundation.

Our work for you and your family

Divorce while a difficult reality can work for everyone.

At Divorce works our professional work with you is aimed at producing new integrity, new integration, and an open new beginning for both married partners with new terms of relationship.

We are committed to everyone in the family reaching the end of this often-difficult transition feeling that they have been listened to, that others have responded to their situation, that they have been taken care of, and that they can have confidence in their future.

Divorce Can Work

With committed, impartial, skilled professional support around you both, your divorce can work. Now that is a battle worth fighting!

To accomplish this we provide a comprehensive package of services to the whole family:

  • Assisting couples to achieve terms of separation custody.
  • Identifying the general needs of all children during this time of change
  • Coaching and supporting the parents as they include and communicate to the family the plans of change
  • Meeting with the children to assess how they are and what they may need
  • At family meetings, having all family members be heard and understood, inviting new forgivenesses and new understandings
  • Restructuring parents' relationship with new commitments and agreements.
  • Making available a professional into the future should fresh concerns arise.

For more information or to request our service, call:


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The Victoria Family Institute
FAMILY MATTERS provides additional programs for families:


Sometimes in marriage, we give up. You don’t have to. Now matter how difficult it may appear, it CAN work if both people still want it to. You may need coaching, some strong assistance. “Divorce busters” will help you discover powerful new learnings about yourself and relationship making a profound difference.


At times conflict between parents and their teenage children produce very difficult obstacles to a family’s continued existence. Reconnections is a program for parents who feel like they're losing or when the estrangement is severe. We are committed to the result of new communication and understandings to assist you.


For families that are well and willing, we provide four family meetings meant to significantly deepen the quality of family life. There doesn’t have to be anything wrong. Through the magic of authenthic communcation and play, enliven the bond
of family life and enhance relatedness.

For personal or couple counselling, for more information, or to register for a course - please contact Paul Beckow at The Victoria Family Institute.

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