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As parents we find ourselves in "reaction" so much of the time. In many ways we feel "caught up" "off balance" in our various parental concerns. These concerns crowd out our capacity to be with our children with ease and effectiveness. 'In moments we may see that we are "entangled' with our children somehow.

The Empowered Parenting Course promises you a real breakthough in your experience of freedom and ease and play in your parenting.

This day long course is not about some correct or recommended child rearing or child management methods. It is about moving us as parents beyond" reaction". It is about being nurtured, and easy, and accessing our own natural effectiveness with our children.

Given the enormous strength of our love and commitment to our children this is something we have a definite right to.

Empowered Parenting

Promises you a real breakthrough in your experience of freedom and natural effectiveness in your relationship with your children.


The purpose of this workshop is to open up the possibility together that we as parents can be at ease, capable, self expressive, and nurtured in our relationships with our children. It is not about some right or correct techniques of parenting.


EMPOWERED PARENTING is a unique and extraordinary opportunity. It is a about producing a enlivening new understandings in the quality of our parenting experience.
Our parenting life begins with clear hopes and dreams for our new family. We are charged with energy to "do it perfectly" with our children. However parenting as so many of lifes activities, seldom conforms to our expectations. Raising our children introduces surprises and challenges. Soon our commitments and expectations become a source of uncertainty and trying concerns. Our relationship with our children begin to include so much personal "reaction".

This course provides an opportunity to explore and shift from reaction to creation - so what we do with our children works naturally and spontaneously, and we are nurtured in the process.

As parents we have the right to this possibility with our children.

Participants comments:

"Thanks for the day Paul. I saw lots of useful things about my relationship with my child."
"I loved your enthusiasm. Thanks for your efforts the day was a real treat for me."

"More freedom in my relationship with my 8 year old son. Wow. I was taking things so seriously."

"I see. So much of what we do with our children is done from reaction. And how I can really enjoy being a parent.An elightening approach."

"I think our time together will really help me enjoy my two daughters more. I feel more confident. Thanks well worth it."

Parents come and give yourself the time the attention and the "renewal" that your commitment as a pasrent deserves.

To register:

To register or for more information call The Victoria Family Institute at (250) 721-2477.

For personal or couple counselling, for more information, or to register for a course - please contact Paul Beckow at The Victoria Family Institute.

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