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Enhancing the Effectiveness of Therapy

The purpose of our meetings is to enhance our ability to empower others, accelerate the results of our counselling, and increase the sense of aliveness and creativity in our session with our clients.

New thinking in the 20th century has allowed us to break way form limitations of prevailing models for therapy to establish new set of views or foundations for our therapeutic work. These new views allow for far more powerful results in our sessions with our clients making possible sudden and powerful shifts or breakthroughs bringing a profound and lasting resolution to the clients presenting issues.

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Therapy is a course for well being professionals which offers an exploration of these new views and principles. These ideas are meant to have a real and practical impact on the results of our work - our capacity to empower others in our sessions, to accelerate the result of our work, and finally to increase our own sense of satisfaction and creativity with those we meet. In our work together we will explore what makes for rapid "transformations" through brief and impactful interventions with client issues.

Processes, demonstrations and videos are part of the course.

In our time together we will explore:

  • Establishing a direction quickly easily for effective resolution
  • Revealing the limiting presuppositions holding a client's issue in place
  • Accessing our free natural presence with our clients
  • The "constructivist paradigm" and its implications for therapy
  • Generating greater creative possibilities in our meeting with our clients.
  • The shared presuppositions of the "master" therapists ( regardless of their method)

Reality Construction:

It is this capacity of human beings to question the interpretations which underlie their particular reality, to form and shape meaning attached to the events and the happenings of their life, that gives us room for powerful reality construction with our clients. This may be the key to creative magical interventions.

The role of the therapist can be that of enlisting the client in creating realities consistent with workability, satisfaction effectiveness in their life. Together, in a highly connect dance, therapist and client produce new possibilities that could not be seen before. This way a therapeutic conversation makes a very real difference you had it.

Come and explore new possibilities for the work of brief and impactful therapy !

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For personal or couple counselling, for more information, or to register for a course - please contact Paul Beckow at The Victoria Family Institute.

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