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CONVERSATIONS with Paul Beckow presents:

A Path of Inner Peace and Transformation

Course Description:

It could be said: You and I possess at any moment the capacity to transform the quality of our lives. This is a practice we can know, and master.

Yet on further reflection what does this really mean?

LIVING LIGHTLY - LIVING FREELY I - is a response to this question.

This 6 session course introduces us to the power and “reality” of Transformation. In this course, our work together will make clear that there is transformation, we can cause transformation, and the amazing difference transformation makes upon our ease, our natural effectiveness, and well being.

This course then is at the heart of the quality of our experience of life.

In our work together we will take any issue in our life in which we may feel stuck or incomplete, or less than able and effective, and we will examine and then practice what it takes to cause an immediate and powerful breakthrough in that area of life.

Our work is meant to make Transformation a known, real, and practical possibility in our daily living.

Together we will learn and practice a specific inquiry ( Byron Katie ) - a clear set of questions – we can bring to ourselves ( and to others ) when we feel stuck in life in any way. This is a simple set of questions which when combined with our own authentic responses and search for the truth within us, creates new freedom and whole new possibilities.

When we have transformed the way the world is appearing to us we have access to a whole range of views, experiences, possibilities, freedoms and actions, that were not possible before.

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A Path of Inner Peace and Transformation

Course desciption:

In this course we will examine 4 fundamental principles of Transformation that will lead us into an inquiry into our selves. Who is that you consider your self to be? Our ideas, our opinions, out thoughts, our problems, our aspirations, our victories, our struggles and dilemmas. We will inquire into the kind of life that this identification gives us.

It is this fundamental identification with who we consider ourselves to be that forms, shapes, limits, proscribes our world. This understanding gives our experiences, our filter of interpretations, the options we have before us, the actions we can take or not take - in fact, the "reality" of our life.

We live defined without question in this identification.

And what if, just what if, that is not who we really are ?

To quote Seneca: “The self we fuss and suffer from does not exist, This is something me must all come to understand. When we do we finally come to the light.”

This is a course that leads us to the light – an inquiry that unmasks a larger identity as a magician, and frees up the freedom and power we have to be and to create in life. This is what it means to LIVE LIGHTLY - LIVE FREELY.

Vernon Howard says it this way: "If you want to hear the music - first you have to unplug the vacuum cleaner."

This is a course about unplugging the vacuum cleaner.

This exploration is full of insights and surprises!

For personal or couple counselling, for more information, or to register for a course - please contact Paul Beckow at The Victoria Family Institute.

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