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Couples Counselling:

" When we came to counselling my wife and I were in real trouble - tired and discouraged. Our work with Paul made a real difference. We've seen some new things together that have brought a lot of changes for us."

Brian F.

Flowering of Relationship Course:

" I am so glad that the Flowering of Relationship Course is continuing and others will have the opportunity to benefit the way my husband and I have. It has had a profound effect on us still. "

Lynne M

Family Counselling:

" Paul, your expertise got our family through what, at times, felt like a complete brick wall to me. We were all quite out of touch with one another. Through the family meetings we had with you we reduced our conflict 100%. It was quite amazing what those sessions together did for us. Thanks."

Katherine M

Marriage Counselling:

" Our counselling has changed so much for us since we came to see you. We have taken away a lot from our work together. We feel closer and can see things clearer. And we feel we can do it now. Thanks Paul"

Joan M

Divorce Can work:

" I have a commitment to my children being okay through all the changes brought by my husband and I deciding to separate. Sorting things out together wasn't easy but we did work on it in a really good way. That's what I feel best about. Your support to us was instrumental. "

Carol M

Individual Therapy:

"I know it sounds like a cliche but our work together really did change my life."

Brian H

Supervision/ Teaching:

" Working under Pauls Beckow's supervision for counselling has been a life changing experience for me personally and professionaly. He shares his mastery with a simplicity and ease that has guided me to new understandings and new dimensions in my work. Paul is a gifted teacher. "

Michael M

If you have worked with Paul and would like to write out and then send a comment, and/ or acknowledgement - or express anything you would like to about your work together - please feel free to do so.
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For personal or couple counselling, for more information, or to register for a course - please contact Paul Beckow at The Victoria Family Institute.

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