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Employee Family Assistance

Dedicated to:

Quality professional counselling and support to your employees and to their family members in difficult times

Committed to:

Promoting high performing, healthy workplaces - a work place in which your employees are well, satisfied, and thriving in their work


Employees are your most valuable assest. They are you most important resource. And their well being is fundamental to the wellness of your business. When employees are troubled by personal, family, or work place stress and concerns, they are not free and effective with the job in front of them.

Paul Beckow and Associates provides a quality team of highly experienced and commited professionals to be on call and available to your employees and members of their families. The Victoria Family Institute EFAP is a fully confidential easily available professional response for your employees in times of difficulty or crisis.

By helping your employees to address concerns and issues that appear in their lives you are directly impacting your business. Studies have reported that a professional EFAP impacts and reduces absenteeism, improves staff morale and enhances employee productivity. With a minimal contribution to this health benefit program ( shared or otherwise) your employees can have access to these resources. It has been demonstrated
an EFAP for your employees results in not only your employees being supported in being well but ultimately in a cost savings to your business.

Why Victoria Family Institute for your EFAP?

We have the Expertise:

A qualified team of professionals responding effectively to a wide variety of individual couple family or work related stresses.

We have the Experience:

Professionals with years of experience working with others to empower them in winning in life, doing what it takes to have our work together make a real difference, and provide critical interventions in times of unique difficulty.

We have the Commitment:

Committed to making a genuine difference in the life of each employee seeking our assistance through efficient professional client service delivery: fast telephone availability, prompt appointments, result oriented counselling, confidentiality assured, direct accessibility, client follow up, client evaluation.

We are ready to serve you:

Private offices, easy access and parking, no waiting, comfortable and professional
surroundings. Uninterrupted time focused soley on you.

We have additional services:

Committed to support and enhance the workplace environment available to managers, introducing choices of seminars and workshops for employees, wellness newsletter, EFAP program awareness activities, available to EFAP committee, management and employees.

We provide Accountability:

Clear, ongoing reporting, quality assurance procedures, client evaluation,
local professional presence, efficient administrative systems.

For Employees The EFAP Brochure
For Employers Why have an EFAP?
VFI EFAP Professional Staff

For personal or couple counselling, for more information, or to register for a course - please contact Paul Beckow at The Victoria Family Institute.

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