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Living Lightly - Living Freely I
Begins: Monday Evening - September, 2010

The Flowering of Relationship
Date: 2010 - To be announced - Call 721 2477


A Six-Evening Course and Exploration with Paul Beckow

Transformation is a revolutionary way to live life – a life of freedom, ease, and power. Such a life begins with being responsible for our own experience of satisfaction and well-being – steering the boat of life rather than being tossed, here and there, in its wake.

Living Lightly - Living Freely introduces skills to live in this way.

In this course, you will:

• Establish there is such a thing as “transformation” and this possibility is readily available to you.

• See for yourself the amazing difference transformation makes to the quality of your life.

• Discover and engage in the real practice of transformation. You will learn a clear simple set of questions (created by inspirational author Byron Katie - Loving What Is) that you can use any time you feel stuck or stopped in life. This inquiry, when engaged in authentically, produces immediate and powerful personal breakthroughs.

• Use this course as the opportunity to handle or transform any problem area you are currently experiencing in your life.

• Learn six principles that will support you in keeping transformation real and alive for yourself.

Being the source of your own well-being is an amazing possibility. Mastering the skills and principles places a magic wand in your hands.

So register now. Come and explore with us as we play and practice the wonderful magic of transformation.

The course begins Monday evening January 27th, and continues for six consecutive Monday evenings. The cost of the course is $140.00

If you would like more information or would like to register call Paul Beckow at The Victoria Family Institute 250 721 2477.

or click onLiving Lightly - Living Freely

The Flowering of Relationship

Course Description:

Flowering - " To Flower, to bloom,. To reach the best, the most vigorous, finest stage of growth. With maximum beauty and freshness." (Webster's dictionary )

The opportunity for couples that is provided by the Flowering of Relationship course is outstanding.

With your partner, through our participation, explorations, and learning together, you will be energized and empowered in your relationship. You will have a real feeling of accomplishment and a whole new set of understandings and skills for your future as a couple.

In our course we will examine the various stages on the journey of relationship - from the beginning of romance, through differences and conflict, the power struggle, resolution, and the secrets of the source of true intimacy ( friendship).

Participating in the Fowering Course is a special gift - that you give yourself, your partner -and your relationship.

Course Participants Comments:

"I am so glad that the Flowering of Relationship Course is continuing and others will have the opportunity to benefit the way my husband and I have. It has had a profound effect on us still."

Lynne H.

"Paul's Flowering of Relationship Course amazing. It calmed my noisy and overactive mind, awoke my walled-off heart, turned it up and made it sing! This course was a real treat for both of us."

Oliver M.

"The challenges and trials of relationship are not such a mystery to me now. When we came to the course we were stuck, in a way, and through our work together we learned a lot about our ability to look after ourselves and one another."

Pat G.

"If you have wondered what it takes to create a healthy relationship, this course is for you. It's been fabulous for us."

Dave H.

Dates of course: T.B.A.

Cost: $ 330.00/ couple.

Call: 721 2477 for more information or to register for this course.

Or for more information click Flowering of Relationship course

Or go to New growth for Relationships an edited interview of a couple who had completed this course together.

As this course has a small number of couples, course numbers are limited. If you wish to do this course call now.

For personal or couple counselling, for more information, or to register for a course - please contact Paul Beckow at The Victoria Family Institute.

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