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Couple Counselling

For marriages and couples: Brief counselling introducing powerful new insights and understandings that make a real and practical difference in your relationship.

Individual Counselling

For individuals bringing to counselling any areas or issues in their life, in which they feel stuck and ineffective. Through our work together we will discover new freedom and effectiveness.

Child Counselling

For Children and Adolescence: Responding to a range of child problems working directly with the child and the child's parents for change.

Parent Effectiveness

For Parents: Supporting parents in the ease and effectiveness of living with, disciplining, and being in relationship with their children


For employees and their family members: Providing a highly skilled EFAP counselling team of professionals to companies and organizations.

Marriage Savers

For marriages in serious crisis: Where there is a commitment, there is the way. A crisis can lead to new skills, new understandings, and a fresh new start.


For strong or severe parent-child conflict: establishing new and positive communication and new understandings to re-establish connection and relationship with your teenager.

Life Coaching

For individuals committed to accomplishment: a structure of coaching and support for their certain success in highly important personal life or business related projects.

Counselling on line

For those who wish to remain in the comfort of their own home: have a entirely effective counselling session with your counsellor on the MSN.

Divorce Can work

For couples separating or divorcing: Taking on the new future in a way that works for everyone- for the separating parents and the children. Avoiding the acrimony caused by the court process.


A series of articles and columns written by Paul Beckow pursuing clear and specific challenging issues of individual, relationship, and/or family life.

To request counselling, for more information, or to register for a course, contact Paul at The Victoria Family Institute 721 2477.

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