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The Flowering of Relationship

Creating your relationship as a source of joy and accomplishment

A course offering insight and practice for new freedom, power, & effectiveness in your primary relationships.

When we first enter a relationship, there exists a natural high, a freshness, an aliveness. This is the experience of love with the anticipation of a new exciting, open, future ahead.

Yet somewhere along the way, our relationships lose their vitality and begin to be routine, mechanical - even a source of struggle and predicament.

Eventually we become resigned to our relationship being ordinary. We compromise and settle for less than we know relationship can be. Just what happened to the love, the play and enthusiasm of our original dream?

The Flowering of Relationship Course is a response to this question.

Flowering: adj.

"To flower, to come to bloom.
To reach the best, most vigorous or finest stage in growth; maximum beauty, freshness."



Realize that you can create your relationships as new, satisfying, and fulfilling - each moment of your life.

Your participation in this course will place the "map" and the "tools" in your hands to make this happen.

In this course we will explore what reduces aliveness in our relationships. You will uncover the secrets to creating the relationship of your dreams -- with the partner you have -- just as they are!

The Flowering of Relationship Course is designed to produce a shift in your understanding of the practice of relationship and your capacity to generate new passion and commitment.

Together we will discover the creative "magic wand" in your having your relationship filled with new possibility.

Offers practice and insight for the generation of love, satisfaction and appreciation in your intimate relationship.

In this course you will:

  • identify ways of being in relationship that produce dissatisfaction and entanglement.
  • discover what drives the complaints & conflicts that appear in relationship.
  • explore the primary source of mischief for human beings in relationship.
  • practice new and powerful conversations with your partner that make a difference.
  • learn to be complete and satisfied with your partner just as they are.
  • learn to create new and exciting possibilities for your relationship.


Paul Beckow, M.Sc., R.P.C., is the founder and Director of the Victoria Family Institute. A successful individual, marriage, and family therapist, Paul received, his post-graduate training with Dr. Robert Shaw of the Contextual Therapy Center, Berkeley, California.

Paul has just completed his work as Director of Instruction for the Counsellor Training Institute, a P.P.S.E.C. approved school, providing training & education for individuals wishing to enter the career of counselling.

Paul is an open individual with commitment and passion. He brings fresh, practical insights and relevant personal and professional experience to the courses he leads.


This course happens over eight weekly sessions from 7:00 p.m. - 9:45 p.m. The date of the next Flowering Course is T.B.A. Call 721 2477.

Participants need not have their primary partners in the course. However, their partner must agree to fulfill the course assignments with them.

Cost of the Course:
Individual: $ 175.00 Couple: $330.00


Your participation will produce:

  • Real, practical breakthroughs in your present experience of relationship.
  • a clear and lasting impact on your effectiveness and your satisfaction in your primary relationship.

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New Growth for Couples- the Flowering of Relationship Course

Excerpted from , September 2003. Edited.

For personal or couple counselling, for more information, or to register for a course - please contact Paul Beckow at The Victoria Family Institute.

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